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Web Development Course

Our web development course will give you comprehensive knowledge of websites and mobile apps. You will be able to learn a variety of languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Python, PHP, MYSQL and more. With the evolution of internet and technological advancements, website has become the basic necessity and emerged as a trademark. Our web development course in Delhi provides you with the basic and advanced knowledge of web development training.

Building a website is not a task of kids that can be instantly performed; it takes strenuous efforts to build the responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as iQuery, PHP, twitter bootstrap and my SQL5. At the end of the course, you will be able to develop e-commerce sites and blogs with WordPress and develop effective and smart ways to add dynamic content with the help of APIs that’ll allow you to connect to sites such as Facebook and google maps.

The course will prepare you for professional programming jobs and will infuse high programming languages in you and will help you build professional and career-boosting websites. Our experts will cover the basic as well as advanced level of web development and make you learn the entire process of building competitive websites on the front-end and back-end.


Course Module

[1] Core PHP

Why PHP and MySQL? Server-Side Scripting in PHP Overview Get Started with PHP Learning PHP Syntax and Variables Datatypes and References Learning PHP Control Structures Passing Information with PHP Learning PHP String Handling

[2] Advanced PHP

Advanced Array Functions in PHP Examining Regular Expressions Working with the File System in PHP Working with Cookies and Sessions of PHP Learning PHP Types Learning PHP Advanced Functions Performing Math with PHP Securing PHP

[3] Object-Oriented Programming Concept

Class vs Object PHP Class Visibility Inheritance Polymorphism Encapsulation Abstraction Interface vs Abstract class

[4] MySQL Best Practices

Backing up Database from MySQL - MySQL dump Constraint Data Modeling – Planning, Analysis for Creating a Successful Database Normalization – The best way to Code for a professional Database Structure

[5] MySQL Basics

Introducing Database and MySQL Learning Structured Query Language (SQL) Integrating PHP and MySQL Performing Database Queries Integrating Web Forms and Databases MySQL Arithmetic Operators Numeric Comparison Operators of MySQL

[6] Querying Your Data

Sorting, Grouping, Retrieved Data Limiting Numbers of Results Joining Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.) More on Joining Tables Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(), round(), format() etc.



Intro to Dynamic Content Intro to Web-flow CMS


CMS Collections Importing Collection Items


Collection List Collection Page


Plain Text Field Rich Text Field Image Field Video Field Email Field Link Field Phone Field

[11] Other

Filtering Collection Lists Conditional Visibility Switch Field Option Field Color Field Reference Field Multi-reference Field


[12] Exploring WordPress as an Application

Introduction of WordPress Setting up server Installing and configuring WordPress Tour of the core of the WordPress Post and Pages content types Creating and managing content How to manage images Managing widgets in WordPress Managing comments system Managing WordPress themes Finding and using WordPress plugins

[13] Plugin and Widget Development

Plugin development in WordPress Widget development in WordPress Dashboard widget development Plugin options and administration Ajax and Plugin in WordPress Using WordPress database Creating database tables Inserting data in tables Mastering CRUD in WordPress Ajax in front end using WordPress The Loop, Posts, and Pages

[14] Theme Development in WordPress

WordPress developer community Developing a WordPress theme The Loop Creating widget area Template tags in WordPress

[15] Testing and Publishing

Moving WordPress website from local host to live server Testing and debugging Tests and Projects


[16] Our Course Modules

Installation Home Page Creation Categories Management Product Management Attribute Creation Attributes Management Static Block Creation

[17] Configuration Changes

Site Logo Favicon Store Address Store Contact Address Currency Setup Theme Setting Other

[18] E-Commerce Platform

Open cart Woo-commerce (Wordpress)

[19] Customize Your Theme Design

How to Setup Order Details in Your Cart Page How to Customize Header login / Register From How to Customize Checkout Page Filed Option How to Change Logo in Your Store How to Add Logo in Voice Page

[20] Managing Content

Adding an href="#tabs-3"d Formatting Text Adding Hyperlink to texts and images Adding basic Contact Forms plugin Adding a Google Map Managing user comments

[21] Customizing System Options

How to Setup Settings How to Setup User and User Group How to Setup Currencies in Your Store How to Setup Low Statuses How to Setup Country and All


[22] Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript Implementations JavaScript Versions The script Element Inline Code versus External Files The no script element Document Modes

[23] Language Basics

Syntax Keywords and Reserved words in JavaSript Variables Data Types Operators Statements

[24] Reference Types

The object type The Array type The function type The date type The RegEx type Singleton built-in objects

[25] Dom Extensions and Events

Selectors API Element Traversal HTML5 Proprietary Extensions Dom Changes Styles Traversals Ranges Event Flow Event Handlers The Event Object

[26] Scripting Forms

Form Basics Scripting Text Boxes Scripting Select Boxes Form Serialization Rich Text Editing The 2D context WebGL Browser Error Reporting Error Handling Debugging Techniques XML DOM support in Browsers

[27] Other

The window Object The location Object The Navigation Object The Screen Object The history Object Advanced Timers Xpath Support in Browsers Advanced Functions Tamper Proof Objects Event types Memory and Performance


[28] What is Ajax?

Traditional Synchronous Webpages Ajax defined XMLHttpRequest Object Other Technologies Used with Ajax Benefits Challenges

[29] Advanced JavaScript

Terminology Variable Scope Function Pointers Inner Functions Classes and Objects Error Handling

[30] Understanding HTTP

HTTP and Ajax HTTP Message Overview Client to Server Interaction Methods Status Codes Header Fields

[31] Transferring Data

Data Types / Protocols ReadyState Plain text XHTML XML

[32] Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Setup Ajax Utilities DOM and Event Enhancements Page Rendering UI Library Overview

[33] Debugging

Error Console (Firefox and IE) HTTP Inspector (Fiddler) Debugging Tools Test Driven Development Unit Tests and QUnit

Job & Career

Course Duration of Course Course Fees Fresher's Salary after Course Placement Guarantee
(BBA | BCA | B-Tech | B-Com)
3 Years 28K - 2 Lakhs 18K - 20K Per Month 40% Guarantee
Digital Marketing 3 Month Download 15K - 18K Per Month 100% Guarantee
Graduation +
Post Graduation
5 Years 68K - 4 Lakhs 20K - 25K Per Month 60% Guarantee
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